About Us

The Gabon Entrepreneurs Club

The GEC is a proactive lobbying networking platform created for the fulfillment of entrepreneurs and the growth of their business in Gabon and across the globe.

The GEC not only offers opportunities to support and create access for companies with an interest to invest in Gabon but also promote Gabon to the business environment in the UK and worldwide.

The GEC is committed to enable productive relations between the UK and Gabon governments. We encourage entrepreneurial activities and support new venture creation among our members by providing business education through informative workshops, leadership forums and business conferences.

Our members are also enjoying the privilege to network at our prestigious events and through our social network pages.

It’s about being among like minded people, being inspired and getting focused to blossom as a leader whilst making your business benefits from an effective exposure both locally and internationally.

We welcome members at all stages of the entrepreneurial process, from complete novices to those with established businesses.