Social Performance


Our mission:
We want to promote entrepreneurship mindset among the youth through education. Our aim is to educate young people on how to develop their skills by acquiring knowledge and education. Help with training- start up funds.

In most developing countries young people face little prospects of obtaining a job in the formal sector. The entrepreneurship avenue is a way for them to escape idleness and therefore crime and poverty. Moreover, a country economic growth depends on future leaders with entrepreneurship vision and action. Unleashing the potential in each young person is a challenge that can bring a crucial change to develop human capital necessary for the economy.

The Potter’s Club is designed to run programmes to support young people visions and to guide them to the road of achievement and success. As we believe every young person should be given a chance to excel above their capabilities.

The Potter’s Club is committed to encourage and promote youth entrepreneurship by providing training to young people who want to start their own business but also by venture capital funds to help start up businesses.

We welcome help and donations from individuals or organisations who want to make a difference in a young person life. Either you want to engage with us on our training programmes with your skills or you want to sponsor a young entrepreneur’s project your help and contribution is welcome.

Organisations can also sponsor a training programme.

You will then receive posts and updates on the progress of your mentee and their final achievement.

Watch out for the next programme coming to your area.

Together we shall build independent and strong entrepreneurs.